student parliament

The student parliament, abbreviated StuPa or SP, is usually the highest decision-making election body of a written student body in Germany, primarily in the North and West German states. It elects and commissions the General Student Committee (AStA) and decides on the statutes and the budget of the student body.

actual student parliament:

    student parliament 2019/2020

    1. Krause, Fabian - StuPa-Sprecher
    2. Richter, Tobias
    3. Kuhlemann, Olivia
    4. Wenzel, Marvin Lukas
    5. Seeger, Tom
    6. Richter, Martin
    7. Weidemann, Janik -  StuPa-Sprecher
    8. Raberger, Julia
    9. Hüttelmeyer, Juliana
    10. Ritter, Clemens-Martin
    11. Kadasch, Lisa-Marie
    12. Bajohr, Julian
    13. Feiler, Luzie
    14. Rest, Frederic
    15. Schweingruber, Victor Otto
    16. Arevalo Goussi, Jean Pierre
    17. NoubissiSimo, Ricardo Varesse
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